Q: I just close on a house . The seller painted the ground a day before the final workout.
I did not do the inspection because of the short notice of closing and rate also was expiring.
Can I sue the broker who helped this hidden transaction since she was representing both and knew about it?
Here is my question to you: can you dig out to lower my basement and fix the water issue?
Can you also at the same time finish my basement? If yes what is the estimate if the basement is 560 sqf. Please advise.

Alpha Diallo
Jersey City, NJ

A: Thank you for your submission. Lowering the basement floor is possible, but it will require plans drafted by an architect. When the architect evaluates the work necessary in order to lower the floor, they can also provide you with a water remediation solution.

The basement floor will need to be lowered prior to finishing the basement. The Architect will provide sealed plans for finishing your basement which can be submitted to your township for approval with the permit. The cost of the project is dependent upon on your floor plan and aesthetics you incorporate into the design.