Basement Finishing – Design Articles and Ideas

If you are considering finishing the lower level of your home, adding egress windows and doors for additional entry points and natural light, or seeking home maintenance tips, be sure to search our archive of articles for design ideas and how-to’s. You’ll find suggestions for whole-house appliance maintenance as well as basement layout and design concepts which can be incorporated into your basement remodeling project plan.

What's the Difference: Renovation vs. Remodel?

19 Sep 2019, 9:30 am | Basement Finishing Ideas

The words “renovation” and “remodel” are often used interchangeably, but if you’re planning some major home improvements, it’s best to get the terminology right before you talk to a contractor.

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Solved! What to Do About Yellowing Paintwork

17 Sep 2019, 2:00 pm | Basement Painting

Whether or not you can reverse the discoloration or must tackle the tinge another way depends on the cause. Read on to identify what’s behind the yellowed paint in your home and learn how to restore its original color.

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Here's How Much Remodeling Any Room Really Costs

17 Sep 2019, 10:49 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire kitchen, complete with new cabinetry and appliances, or you just want to update your living room with a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and carpeting, remodeling can be a pricey prospect.

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Paint by Numbers: Top Paint Brands Reveal Their Most Popular Colors

16 Sep 2019, 8:13 pm | Basement Painting

Strike the balance between timeless and on trend with these 12 paint colors selected by top experts for their widespread popularity and visual appeal.

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Here's When to Worry About a Foundation Crack

6 Sep 2019, 1:00 pm | Exterior Basement Walls

Learn how to tell when a foundation crack might indicate a serious structural problem—and when you can repair it easily yourself, and then rest easy.

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7 Places That Could Use More Insulation—And Why

4 Sep 2019, 10:48 pm | Basement Insulation

Proper insulation equals greater energy efficiency, and those smaller or oft-forgotten spaces around the house that are particularly vulnerable to air leaks have an outsize effect on energy bills and household comfort.

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15 Wainscoting Ideas with the Most Character and Charm

30 Aug 2019, 6:05 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

Nothing dresses up naked walls like wainscoting. It comes in a variety of designs and materials to suit a range of interior styles. Check out the most wow-worthy ways to use this adaptable wall decor.

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7 Things to Know Before You Wallpaper the Ceiling

29 Aug 2019, 2:00 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

Pick the perfect type, color, and pattern to wallpaper your ceiling—and take our tips to ensure smooth, flawless results.

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The Most Popular Home Improvement Projects in America

29 Aug 2019, 10:46 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

How do you decide which home improvement projects to tackle? Read on for the top 12 home improvement projects and their average cost, then start planning!

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Home Remodeling

26 Aug 2019, 8:02 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

Every homeowner who has taken on a home remodeling project has a sad story about past mistakes. When you embark on your next renovation, be sure to avoid these common missteps.

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Remodeling your basement? Consider waterproofing, vinyl tiles and extra lights

20 Aug 2019, 10:00 am | Basement Finishing Ideas

The basement is moving beyond its traditional role of storage or laundry space and expanding to become everything from a lower-level suite with a guest bathroom and kitchenette to a home theater or office.

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What’s Up with the Musty Smell in My Basement?

21 Aug 2019, 10:00 am | Mold Remediation

That unpleasant, musty smell—some people describe it as akin to a wet dog—in is the calling card of mold and/or mildew.

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What's the Difference? Eggshell vs. Satin

19 Aug 2019, 10:30 am | Basement Painting

Learn to discern between these two popular paint finishes and how and where to use them to best effect.

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How to Select the Right Water Heater Size

31 Jan 2019, 2:00 pm | Basement Plumbing, HVAC

If a new water heater is in your future, take some time to figure out whether the size of your current heater meets your needs. These pro tips will walk you through the process.

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15 Places Water Damage May Be Hiding in Your Home

6 Aug 2019, 2:10 pm | Basement Waterproofing

Water damage is often hidden from sight, tucked away between walls or under floors. As a result, significant structural damage can occur before it’s discovered. Read on to learn about 15 spots where water damage could be hiding in your home.

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9 Ceiling Types You'll See in Homes

31 Jul 2019, 3:08 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

Learn all about the most popular ceiling styles to decide what’s right for you, whether you are house hunting, remodeling, or having a new home built.

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15 Problems Hard Water Can Cause

24 Jul 2019, 5:34 pm | Basement Plumbing, HVAC

Hard water doesn't pose any health risks, but it can cause a number of plumbing, maintenance, and household cleaning issues.

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How Much Tile Do I Need?

8 Jul 2019, 11:00 am | Basement Floors

Follow these easy steps to make sure that you stock enough material for your next tile project.

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French Drains 101

1 July 2019, 9:27 pm | Basement Waterproofing

A French drain is a ditch in the ground, inset with a perforated pipe under a layer of gravel. That pipe funnels storm water away from where you don’t want it—along the foundation, for example—and deposits that water in a more desirable place.

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The Best Paint Primers, According to DIYers and Pros

27 Jun 2019, 8:00 pm | Basement Painting

Whether you’re painting the living room or a patio table, applying a preparatory coat of primer to the surface first will improve adherence, prevent peeling, and reduce the number of coats needed to obtain beautiful results.

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6 Things to Know About Living with High Ceilings

27 Jun 2019, 8:00 pm | Basement Finishing Ideas

If you’ve got your sights on such glorious heights, whether hunting for a new house or remodeling your existing one, it’s crucial to assess construction limitations, costs, and your comfort level, so read on for the lowdown on high ceilings.

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PEX vs. Copper: Which Pipes are Right for My Home?

28 Jun 2019, 8:00 pm | Basement Plumbing, HVAC

While copper still plays an important role in water pipes for new construction, PEX pipe is quickly becoming the choice for remodeling and retrofitting.

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Solved! Where to Place the Smoke Detectors in Your House

1 Jul 2019, 11:00 am | Basement Floors

Install life-saving smoke detectors in the right locations throughout your home and ensure they’re all up to code.

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What's the Difference? Joint Compound vs. Spackle

21 Jun 2019, 6:00 pm | Basement Painting

If you’re about to tackle wall installation or repair, read on for the 411 on spackle and joint compound—and handle the job like a pro.

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7 Things to Know Before Installing a Cement Tile Floor

19 Jun 2019, 10:00 am | Basement Floors

Cement tile is taking the design world by storm, but they’re not appropriate for every style and setting. Read on for the pros and cons of cement tile floors to learn if they belong in your home.

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