Q: Hi! We want to finish a small room in our already finished basement. This would include updating an old egress and adding a small bathroom. The current egress is Bilco doors with metal steps that we would like to replace with a standard walkout door; however, these doors are close to our pool lines, so digging up the area may be difficult. We would also need to include a mascerating toilet, as the sewer lines are on the opposite side of the house (finished part of basement has a dropped ceiling). Water lines are nearby.

1.) Is there any way to repair the metal steps for the egress (they are currently not stable), OR would it be better to replace the steps in the same location with cement steps keeping the pool lines in mind, OR given the location of the pool lines would it be necessary (or possible) to seal up the current egress and move the location of the egress to the left a few feet away from the pool lines (or would this be difficult and costly). Which would you recommend and why?

2.) Do you have any experience installing macerating toilets? The sewage line is on the opposite side of the basement.

Nikki O’Regan
Hatboro, PA

A: Thank you for your submission. It may be possible to repair the metal steps, but in order to make that determination, we would require an onsite inspection of your egress door and the surrounding areas. Regarding a macerating toilet, we do install those types of pump systems.