Q: I have a partially finished basement, i.e., sliding glass doors and two walls framed and insulated. the room is 23.5 X15.5. I am not putting in heat or air just electrical, dropped ceiling, flooring, and doors, etc. quotes are coming in @19 – 20K. that seems high to me. What should I expect to pay per sq. ft.?

Pat Cowie
Bethel, CT

A: Thank you for your submission. The cost of finishing a basement is dependent on many variables, including size of the area to be finished, the amount and type of materials to be used, special upgrades that you are including in the design, and region in which you live. For a basic design, an average cost per square foot, including the drop ceiling, would be $14/square foot, and a typical basement finishing cost would be $11,000 plus upgrades and flooring. The cost for flooring varies based on the type of flooring material and the condition of the basement floor.