A subfloor can become loose or warp and degrade from water damage, resulting in the need to repair or replace the subfloor material. Noticeable issues that may be caused by a damaged subfloor include squeaking floors, springy or uneven floors, cupping floorboards, loose or cracking floor tiles, and a loose toilet.

The cost to replace a subfloor ranges between $428-$2,978, with a national average of $572. The cost can be impacted by several factors, including the square footage of the subfloor area to be replaced, the type of subfloor material used, possible floor joist repairs, underlayment installation, and labor costs. Additionally, the cost can be effected by the location in the home, with basement subfloors costing substantially more to fix than a subfloor in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Common types of subfloor materials include plywood, treated plywood, DRIcore, Amdry, Barricade, Warmboard, and OSB, each with features that are applicable for specific conditions.

Learn how to identify if a subfloor needs to be repaired or replaced, possible materials that are used for subfloors, and associated costs.

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