The final price was the same that was given in the initial estimate – no hidden fees thrown in. The estimation and scoping of project was low pressure, and they did not try to sell us anything we did not want. They asked what we wanted and once that was communicated, they quickly drew up a quote detailing the entire project. We also received mockup computer designs that showed what the finished space might look like.

They were responsive to all calls, emails and texts. The production manager did a great job with the coordination, scheduling and passing along my questions to the appropriate people. The project manager was there to help along the way…a special thank you to him as he kept the project on course and fixed issues that may seem minor to some, but were important to me.

There was no pressure to do any work that was not initially scoped out. Work was scheduled to complete the job in the shortest timeframe. In addition, all workers were professional and did their respective work with care. The work area was kept clean and trash picked up on a regular basis. All workers wore masks. Workers were well prepared and knew the job prior to arriving, and did not require much interaction on my part. At the same time, they were accommodating when I wanted to see how the job was progressing and answered questions when I had them.

Steve F. – Greenbrook, NJ 3/6/21

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