The Cost for Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs typically range between $2,012 - $7,074, with the national average at $4,542. Foundation issues can lead to cracked walls, settled floors, doors that are difficult to open and close, and even collapsed ceilings and burst pipes. Understand root causes of foundation issues and the costs for repairs.


Home Staging Can’t Hide These Problems

Instead of trying to hide your home’s problems, you should address significant issues before putting your home on the market. Learn about problems you shouldn’t try to conceal and should consider fixing.


Best Exterior Caulks for Sealing the Home

The best exterior caulk for your home depends on areas you will be sealing, the material you want to bind, the size of the gap you need to fill, and whether the caulk needs to be paintable or in a pre-made color. Most importantly, the product you choose needs to be high quality if it’s going to protect your home.


How to Pour Concrete

Pouring concrete yourself may save you money and build your skills, but without proper equipment and attention to detail, the results can look far from professional.

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