Nikki O’Regan – Hatboro, PA

Q: Hi! We want to finish a small room in our already finished basement. This would include updating an old egress and adding a small bathroom. The current egress is Bilco doors with metal steps that we would like to […]


Sam – Somerville, NJ

Q: Hi,

In my basement I have studs nailed directly to the cylinder block walls that the wood paneling/sheetrock was attached to. Can I re-use these existing studs and just put the rigid insulation in between them and attach the moisture […]


How To Caulk Baseboards

In addition to filling gaps and making the joinery look flawless, this sealant serves as an important barrier to keep both critters and drafts out of spaces where they shouldn’t be.


Pro Tips: Basement Waterproofing

There are a variety of possible causes of a wet basement. Although structural problems are often to blame, poor drainage or plumbing leaks can also trigger moisture or flooding.

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