Should You Caulk Around the Toilet

The main reason given for not caulking around toilet bases is that it could hide leaks and the resulting damage could become severe. While that thought process would be true if there was a sudden and major break in a pipe, the majority of leaks are small and don’t spread onto the bathroom floor, but instead soak into the underlying structure. Learn more about caulking around the toilet base in a bathroom.


The Cost for a Shower Remodel

Factors that impact the overall shower remodel cost include the condition of the old shower, the size of the shower, extent of the remodel, material and fixtures, and cost of materials and labor in your area. Learn about factors and costs to consider when remodeling a shower.


Should I Replace My Water Heater Before It Fails?

How long a water heater lasts depends on how well it is maintained and the type of water heater. Traditional tank storage water heaters can last between 10-15 years, and tankless models can last 20 years or more. Signs that your water heater needs to be replaced include odd sounds emanating from it, inconsistent or no hot water, discolored water, visible corrosion on the tank, and the water heater leaking. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to replace your water heater.


The Cost for Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs typically range between $2,012 - $7,074, with the national average at $4,542. Foundation issues can lead to cracked walls, settled floors, doors that are difficult to open and close, and even collapsed ceilings and burst pipes. Understand root causes of foundation issues and the costs for repairs.


Why Is My Toilet Tank Sweating?

Toilet tanks usually sweat as a result of too much humidity in the bathroom. To reduce the likelihood of toilet tank sweat, take steps to lower the humidity in the bathroom, including regularly running air conditioning units or dehumidifiers, which will help reduce condensation on the toilet tank.


The Cost of a Radon Mitigation System

The cost for a radon mitigation system ranges between $771-$1,185, with the national average at $978. The cost for installation usually includes materials and labor, and the overall cost is dependent on the size and design of the house, foundation type, and geographic location.


The Cost to Finish a Basement

A finished basement can provide up to a 70 percent return on investment, but before starting a basement finishing project, it's best to understand the potential cost. The typical expense to finish a basement ranges between $2,800-$33,985, with the national average at $18,395, and you should plan to pay an average of $25 per square foot. Before proceeding with your finished basement project, understand factors that will affect the overall cost.

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