We live in Central NJ and wanted our 1960 basement finished so our kids had a large place to play. We got estimates from a few companies but we liked this company the best! The whole process was easy and straight forward. (They also offer water proofing but we already had another company lined up prior). After the blue prints and permits are completed and paid, construction starts. All supplies are delivered the day prior. From what I remember, our project was broken up into the following construction parts: 1) framing, 2) rough electrical, 3) insulation, 4) drywall, 5) spackling, 6) sanding, 7) final electrical, 8) doors & molding, 9) flooring. There were inspections in-between from your township and the company. The workers and project managers were great, knowledgeable, and friendly. There is clear communication throughout the project and any issues or concerns you have are immediately addressed. We had the kids and dog at home on all the project days with no issues. There were no “surprise” issues that required us to spend more money. The cost of the entire project is upfront. They do offer upgrades such as nicer molding, mold resistant drywall, nicer quality wood for the stairs (we had the stairs replaced too), and more. We are very happy with their work and love our basement. I highly recommend them!

Vincent B. – Monroe, NJ 9/3/22

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