Foundation settling that causes cracking can create significant structural issues. Foundation repairs typically range between $2,012 – $7,074, with the national average at $4,542. If the structural issues are significant and hydraulic piers are needed, homeowners could pay upwards of $10,000 or more. It’s best to fix cracks right away to avoid potentially irreversible damage. Foundation issues can lead to cracked walls, settled floors, doors that are difficult to open and close, and even collapsed ceilings and burst pipes. Foundation repair professionals typically charge for labor by the hour, averaging around $200 per hour. The cost for foundation repair is impacted by several factors, including labor, permits, materials, cause of the damage, type and severity of the issue, repair method, the type of foundation, accessibility to the damage for repairs, home size, soil stability, and foundation settlement. Understand root causes of foundation issues and the costs for repairs.

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